• WordPress Website Expert Brisbane – Ben Maden

    Hi, I’m Ben Maden – I help people get the most out of their websites.

    I’ve been using my skills and experience (since 1998) to create websites that CONVERT customers into leads and rank well in the search engines.

    I’m the boss over at Matter Solutions a Brisbane based SEO, Website Design and Certified Google AdWords Partner.

    That’s my day job.



    Working to much, me?

    I’m often told I work too much. I love it so it doesn’t feel like work actually.

    I have to admit I do actually spend the majority of my waking hours “working”. Its quite a exciting to know some of the work we’re doing can make a huge difference to a client’s business.

    “Busy or not busy?” That is the question.


    The point of this blog… is to actually help me refocus

    You’ll that many of the posts here are about work. Websites, SEO, AdWords and the like and I like pointing out a good online scam.

    I really want to try some new stuff here in Brisbane and do that hanging out with three ultra-cute daughters and wonderful wife. Carmel is the boss of Abbie Rose Design, a homemade pyjamas company she used to handmake everything herself – awesome!


    Stuff I love to do…

    • Fishing, last time I went fishing was 15 months.
    • Swim, I take the kids most weekends
    • Run, but you wouldn’t know it to look at me. I haven’t run for years.
    • Boxing. Meh!
    • Cooking, especially curries.

    Other goals

    • I want to save a few quid and go on a holiday, Disneyland would be nice. I’d even take the family (joke)
    • Loose 15kg by 1st of August.

    Putting two and two together

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see some running, boxing and swimming would go a long way to helping loosing kilos. Working how to combine going fishing and saving up for a holiday will be tougher.

    This Blog.

    So the plan here, for this blog, is to do some stuff I love and write about it.

    Suggestions are welcome.