• What is E-Business?

    Doing business online can be a bit daunting. There is a whole world of jargon just for e-business…. and then there are whole areas of technology that do or don’t work together and may or may not be cheap, expensive or even effective.

    I help people use the web in their businesses.

    Whether that’s an advanced business database or a beautiful enquiry form to convert visitors into leads is a question of…

    What is the cost versus benefit for the various options?

    There are very few web designers, programmers or even many so called ‘e-business consultants’ that will even ask themselves whether what you want to do will actually pay for itself.

    This is because despite being called consultants they have put their financial interest in direct conflict with yours.

    My mission…

    I make sure that every client I take on gets the benefit of my extensive e-business experience to get sound professional advice about the costs and benefits.

    Naturally I need to make a living so I expect you to go ahead with something once in a while but you can be confident that whatever we work on will be a great opportunity for you to achieve a return on investment and meet your goals.

    Drop me a line at Matter Solutions on (07) 3117 2300 if you’d like to talk through a project.