Hi, I'm Ben Maden - I help people get the most out of their websites.

  • Hi, I’m Ben Maden – I help people get the most out of their websites.

    I use my skills and experience to ensure your website converts visitors into customers and brings you growing traffic and returns on investment (ROI)

    Have you ever wondered why your competitors seems to always have the best website?

    Does it they rank better in Google (SEO) and they can afford to keep spending money in Google AdWords month after month?

    I often meet business owners who have used supplier after supplier, consultant after consultant to review and improve and fix the situation just to go through the same old cycle.

    1. Find a consultant
    2. Listen to them explain what they want to do – sounds good
    3. Listen to their review of the current situation
    4. You agree a budget, they get underway
    5. Months pass, and then what?
    6. You ask for a report, an update, you might even ask when this work will pay off.
    7. They give up and you’re back at Step 1.

    Dozens of times I’ve met business owners in this situation and the truth is that there are three classic mistakes being made here on both sides.

    First Classic Digital Marketing Mistake

    Lack of focus on ROI, getting some returns, some runs on the board early is essential. Search Engine Optimisation should never be solely about a few “vanity keywords”, the type of thing the average person would recommend.

    Specific keywords, yes, even keywords with just a little traffic can be hugely valuable. Think about this…

    Would you rather have ten visitors who typed “garage door maintenance brisbane” or 50 visitors from all over Australia who typed in “garage doors”?

    They’re related terms of course, you can spot which one is easier to rank for.

    Trying to rank for the longer, easier phrase is much easier but it steps you in the right direction to rank for the much higher traffic terms too, e.g. “garage door maintenance”, “garage door maintenance service” etc

    Second Classic Digital Marketing Mistake

    Abdicating responsibility 100%.

    Many businesses I visit complain about the performance and the cost of their current or previous digital marketing expert but when I ask to see reports they say that they’ll have to ask (the consultant) for them.

    Metrics are inherent in good digital marketing. You should be suspicious any expert that hides the data from you and your team. They should be chomping-at-the-bit to show you the latest improvements.

    Third Classic Digital Marketing Mistake


    You’re not buying a burger. You can compare a Whopper with a Big-Mac and make the call, quality -vs-prices and at such a low price and quick to process you can try both and decide which taste do you prefer. It is simple.

    When choosing a consultant to help you with your digital marketing often budget becomes a driving factor. Consider whether squeezing the quoted price down by 10-25% makes the outcome more or less likely. Consider the sort of outcomes you have seen from digital marketing in the past, three options really,

    1. Failure – the whole thing is a waste of money, time and results are less than you get now.
    2. Sideways – invest time and money and only hold on to what you have
    3. Success – invest time and money wisely, attain short term results to fuel continued investment

    Failure… even an amateur can (usually) avoid messing everything up, so okay, that’s not likely but when you shave the budget you’re pushing the balance between “going sideway” and a “great success”  the wrong way.

    As a consultant who has been contracted to focus on a client’s work… the money keeps me focused. If I have to cut my fee by 10% to win the job you’re likely just not getting 10% of the work. In some cases this can work if your budget is healthy enough and I have the balls to say when you’re cutting too close to the bone… BUT wouldn’t you rather get the job done well and on time and with the leading expert on the case?

    Of course you would. Mistake #3 is haggling with someone you want to go into bat for you and think about it, you wouldn’t even buy a flipping burger that way.

    What next?

    If you’re interested in working with someone who gives a crap about getting results for clients then give me a call, I’m on 0400 789 949, but be ready to be up front and honest about where you’re at and what you want to achieve.

    If you want to know why I make that statement, then its because I value honesty and transparency above all things. I’ll probably write a page about it some time.