Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Delivery Service

Fresh is The Best – New Website Goes Live today!

After only 4 weeks this website including custom order form for online orders goes live.

Fresh is The Best operate a Brisbane Fresh Fruit and Vegetables delivery service. Melissa Burrell, owner of Fresh is The Best said…

We are extremely happy with the work you have done. It has given us exactly what was wanted and needed. Thank you for your professional advice along the way and thank you for taking the time to understand our business.
It has been a pleasure working along side of you with this project and I have no hesitation recommending Matter Solutions to anyone.

The website includes an order which although simple-to-use has a number of special features to help the customer select and customise their order with the minimum of fuss.

When it comes to ordering fresh produce in northern Brisbane is the place to do it, my wife is already planning our first order.


Fresh is The Best has had a fan page on Facebook for quite sometime with quite a few fans so now way for Melissa and her staff to turn that online interest into customers.

Fruit & Vegetable Delivery Service

The website has been created to enable full reporting to the managers. The order administration shows number and value of pending and completed orders.

Google Analytics – Goal Tracking

In tune with the talk I (Ben) gave last month at the Brisbane Web Design Meetup Group I have included full Google Analytics and enabled Goal Tracking to tie traffic and internet marketing activities back to actual sales results.

2 thoughts on “Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Delivery Service

  1. You may be happy the way things are going as you quote above but I cannot access your link above in order to place an order?

    1. Thanks for your comment Adrienne. This was posted quite a while ago and “Fresh is the Best” is no longer trading I hear there are quite a few good companies delivering Fruit and Veg in Brisbane and even the big supermarkets have got themselves online since 2009 (when this was posted). I hope you found somewhere. I’ve met and done work for Frank from Lifestyle Healthy Foods his website is worth a try. Let us know how you go.

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