Ripped off by Google :(

I use Google Apps these days. Its very much like Gmail but all part of my company. I used to always use Gmail but that has been a huge nightmare for a while, here is why….
My personal Gmail says…. 44.38 GB (295%) of 15 GB used
Wow, how did I do that?

You can’t send or receive emails because you’re out of storage space. Try freeing up some space or purchasing additional storage.

Oh dear AND now I desperately need to verify my email with my Google AdWords Certification from my old personal Google Account.
I deleted heaps of email.
No change in the numbers really. Then I clicked “manage”….

OUCH (and some bad words later)

So that one time I set-up Picasa, uploaded heaps of family photos and then let it lapse put 40Gb into Google Photos on this quote and this now takes precedence over my email. This data Google said would be deleted if I didn’t renew my google storage account wasn’t really deleted it was used to BLOCK up my email.  Thank you Genius people.
I think of it like this… an army of ZOMBIES. My family photos are now zombies!
[if I could draw I’d sketch something, scan it and post it here]


1. Install Picasa somewhere else and go through deleting all my family pictures.
Tried installing Picasa. It latched onto my computer’s Hard Drive and is picking up all these photos from Dropbox (where I moved).
2. Pay up.
Well (of course) in the end I just paid up, just not worth the time and effort to clean this mess.
Not the first time Google got my cash without really “earning it”.
I doubt it’ll be the last.

Finally, the Really Stupid Thing.

When I was paying I used the wrong billing address and the first try card was declined….. so they WARNED me with this….
We’re having trouble renewing your Google Drive storage plan because the card XXXX in your Google Wallet account failed today. This may have occurred due to XXXXXX.

Take action within seven days if you want this storage plan to be renewed, or you’ll lose access to the additional storage.

I wish that highlighted bit was actually true.

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