Brisbane Web Design

After some careful work to test various layouts and designs the new Matter Solutions Brisbane website is now online at

As almost every part of the business is still managed by me I decided to take a new direction and feature prominently on the website, check it out. I’ve never had a professional photograph taken before.

BUT… in the time it took between getting the photo done and getting enough time to actually sit down and build and write the website I’ve lost another 5kg, so apparently the photo “doesn’t look quite right” according to a client I went to see the other day.

I guess I need to thank Denny from OMG Fitness again for helping me keep up the Weight Loss and go to get some new professional photo’s done.

Website Professional

I’ve spent a while writing the information on the website as I wanted to make sure people realise there is a professional person behind the Matter Solutions name. I also wanted to show how simple it is to get a really successful website…. there are really just three steps, go and have a read: Brisbane Web Design
or SEO Services Brisbane

Google Adwords too

I’ve also begun a new camapign with Google AdWords, if you’re interested in learning how you can get on the first page of Google super fast, contact me today
it’s all part of my Internet Marketing Brisbane service

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