Death to Bimbo Websites

What is a Bimbo Website? Think about it.

Nice to look at but no substance. Empty between the ears.

I’m not sure how politically correct the term bimbo is so I apologise immediately if you are offended, but you probably typed Bimbo into Google to get here so it’s your own fault if you clicked and arrived here 🙂

Bimbo Website – A website that does nothing

Do you have a Bimbo Website?

What would a web professional say if he (well I) reviewed your website?

Looks nice but the text is completely missing any decent keywords, it is probably poorly organised and isn’t trying to capture any sort of action or enquiry from it’s visitors.

Same old, same old – Ker-ching!

For me (and other web consultants) some of these answers become repetitive because business owners almost always ask for a free website review when they are unhappy so it is usually a no-brainer and any chimp trained to sell websites can say the right things:-

  1. You need a better, more flashy/professional design
  2. You need a Content Management System (CMS) website
  3. You need to organise the pages
  4. You need to use the right keywords in your text
  5. You need calls to action that convert visitors to customers

Even if the chimp in question does actually get as far as step 3 he is already on a mission to sell you a CMS website with a flashy graphic design and move on to the next website, ker-ching!

Trust me, I rescue clients from this situation again and again.

They get into cycles of buying Bimbo Websites that include the first two steps above but completely miss the really important stuff, steps 3-5, because the design ends up taking priority over everything and everyone gives up on the project when it looks nice. You need to beware of the BIMBO WEBSITE ALERT!

Back to Basics – How to get customers online

Simple. Three steps.

  1. Get a great website
  2. Get some traffic into that great website
  3. Look after it to keep it great and bringing in the traffic

Tada! Here’s my bill for consulting… only joking.

A Great Website is nearly impossible

The Reality of Websites

Firstly, step 1 is very difficult and for most of the people who are in the market to build websites it is completely impossible.

“Eeeek” I hear you say? Yes, IMPOSSIBLE. “but Ben, my website looks great”. Yes, I’m coming to that.

Most of the men and women out there building websites for clients don’t really give a fudge about your business.

  • They care about their business
  • They want to build you a pretty website because that is what will make you happy, it’s a visual thing you can look at and say ah isn’t that nice to your mates and co-workers. This is only a fraction of a great website but is closer to the truth than it should be
  • They want a pretty website that they can show to prospective clients who want a pretty website because they don’t know any better and so the cycle continues
  • Rubbish website perpetuates the need for more rubbish websites
  • Groan 🙁

Professional Websites – Do it Right

Don’t let someone dazzle you with flashy graphics and swirling colours. See steps 1 & 2 above…. remember, you run a business!

  • You want customers!
  • You want income, leads & sales!
  • You want success!

The website has to pay for itself somehow. Just looking pretty isn’t worth that much! Yeah!

So getting a professional website is about finding someone who can do much more than a pretty design:-

  • thinking about target keywords right from scratch
  • getting content organised and written specifically for the web
  • laying out pages to turn visitors into leads that become customers

Yeah, yeah whatever – Ben, Design is everything man!

Okay I can imagine some people reading that and thinking design is critically important. Yes, it makes a difference when you’ve got the content, keywords and the conversion approach right but in my view it is nothing more than a component part of the package.

Here are a couple of “ugly” websites… each make a fortune because they do what they are meant to.

  1. Take a look at (new window) it is a hugely successful website because it works… it does what people expect.
  2. Maximise your metabolism, this is diet package sold by affiliate marketers on clickbank (I’ve done this diet and it works) but read the page…. it seems like the most amazing long dull page but it works. When someone is in the zone to buy a diet this will convert!
  3. Ebay, the daddy of badly designed websites. They try but to me it still just looks a bit shabby 🙂

Internet Marketing – What can you learn from this?

  • Pretty websites without substance are a complete waste of your money
  • A website with substance and the right keywords will work so long as the design is okay

From years of experience I can tell you that both substance and design together are a force to be reckoned with, like a money generating super model, you’ll be able to get customers online in no time.

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